Over 4,500,000 Light years of commercial and logistic

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How we work

INtergalactic Trade and Transport basics

IT&T's network of galactic and intergalactic shipping services serves ports of call in over 1120 active galaxies around the known occupied universe. Our comprehensive feeder network, operating from strategically located hub ports, ensures IT&T's presence on all major trade routes and enables us to offer our customers comprehensive galactic coverage.

Our extensive and dependable network of shipping agencies and cargo freighters , some of which are fully owned subsidiary companies, allows us to provide efficient dedicated local services and also derive millions of jobs to our partners in other star systems.

Click the icon to view local systems office contact details, or click on a galaxy or star name for general information regarding the local agency.


“IT&T shows how small changes make an interstellar impact”

Sciencenow Publication  |  April 2016

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Projected efficiency based on current methods

rates calculated on a point to point destination ratio



Due to landmark treaties recently signed into effect by the transgalactic trade federation we have recently taken on new technologies previously unavailable to our world. These new upgrades will magnanimously increase the speed in which we can traverse the universe, but to cut down on energy and waste, a benefit we will pass onto you the consumer. We are very concerned with leaving no trace behind in the areas of space that we work with. Adhering to very specific trade routes it provides for optimal effectiveness.


Curennt Propulsion Method Units

*per max tonnage