Meet the Prime Authors of sector

Minnesota Vanguard

Prime Co-Author

Minnesota has been a devoted employee since her teenage years. A hard working self made woman, she has worked his way up the ranks to become one of three Co Authoritarians for our sectors. Having piloted for 15+ years Ms Vanguard found ways to create better machines and methods to help IT&T grow exponentially in the past decade in size, scope, and efficiency.


Leo Green


DIplomacy. This is the defining characteristic that helped Leo Green secure his position at the top of our ranks. A humanitarian with a healthy respect and empathy for all species. Compassionate with a strong backbone he is not one to shy away from pushing the boundaries of our capabilities. Having been captain of the Desarian-9 deep space mission, he has been a trusted point of contact for many of our trading and outposts.


                                                                          MIO ANG



Mio Ang is as top notch an all around leader. A 2 tour veteran and double major Harvard graduate takes her job as Author and logistics coordinator very seriously. Having helped develop networks to help streamline our processes. From freighter creation to execution of delivery, Mio Ang is there every step of the way.